photo by Zalman Berkowitz
photo by Zalman Berkowitz

details like a scrap of paper

at a bus stop looking

closely a fortune cookie no cookie

“you are talented with your hands” thanks

the Gift and the Practice that

comes with it reminder:

talent alone won’t save us because Vigilance

and cookies are so delicious to my mind

sometimes Even talented

hands miss messages

like scraps of paper

through fingertips crunch

of sugar egg flour fortunes from

strangers we make marks always

before outcomes like

my heart now and the light

downtown sun rays golden filtered through silver clouds ground damp and cold cozy inside.

I wonder if the sun knows what

sunlight looks like to my eyes now

like gifts from strangers I am found reflecting

of course not, that’s impossible

like walking or breathing or life based on Carbon

smile thankful

there are muscles in the face that if you squeeze them right

they make you happy

how cool is that!


This B4

This Peace is Still Moving by Zalman Berkowitz Mixed Media  (detail) 2013
This Peace is Still Moving by Zalman Berkowitz Mixed Media (detail) 2013

This B4


Alls fair in love and war

don’t act like ya never heard

This B4

And what is more

virgin mother crone

seductive temptress

Sultry Vixen

And the home alone

Fixin the kitchen

That Drone… and old bones and

Alls fair in Love and War

Don’t act like ya never Heard [this B4]

Flowers are Flowers

I let them

Be as they are


A time for that

A time for this

All out raging, seething


Serene Bliss


Miss, equal

Alls fair in love and war

Don’t act like ya never heard [this B4]

What is more

Or less, nowness

A guess, giving your best

Accept the test


how we spin things

Unburden your self and…

ya get to feel

Spring, well

Spring of emotion

this eternal unending

all-ways bending




on the floor, arms holding

sky while the sand drips


where the hand grips

so am I

Not what you say but

how you say it


or just spray it

not what the words mean


intention, belief

suspension: relief


tension… release

An idea that’s a part of the whole

a heart and a soul

and that’s all

who knows what fate has

In Store…

All is…

Fair, in Love and War

Don’t act like ya never heard

This, B4

Where there is love-


Is no question


the learn lessons

Creates so well



invisible indivisible

phantastic phanta-SEA

magically permeatin’ the visible


carried almond honeysuckle thick


growin right

out yer mental/physical temple



All’s Fair

In Love and War

Don’t act like ya never heard

This, B4

Looks of longing and loneliness

Forgotten and remembered Bliss

This, B4…


of value is Ever


celebrate movement

practice improvement

happiness IS


bitter-sweet dark kissing orange spice

A little kick of cayenne, nice

right, right

color your perception how YOU prefer


it’s what yer living for



All IS

Fair in Love and War

-don’t act like ya never heard

This B4


between what is sincere and insincere

between dreams and what appears

between what is revered

and Earth Children’s tears

between our love and fear

where hope lives



All is fair in Love and War

Who knows what Fate has


heights and Depths

dreamt and explored and

All’s fair in Love and War

Don’t act like ya never heard


Because you’ve never heard




Zalman Berkowitz art in the world update

The Moody Woman by Zalman Berkowitz

Hello there!

Just finished up a short video on “the making of Moody” for the zalMania codeX. I enjoyed the chance to perform the poem that seems to fit with this painting. Let me know whatcha think! Creative productions often leave me with more questions than answers, but hey: such is the nature of creative work. Enjoy!

Here is the linkage:

And the latest from the Gallery [context] “Survival of the Interesting” Exhibition, which runs until June 4th. Stop on by!