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Contemporary Art Painter slash Poet slash Foodie slash Wine guy is a tough handle, Fine Artist is nice as a term from metallurgy, where we ‘refine’ a substance to achieve purity. My name is Zalman Berkowitz, I am an artist, foodie and wine geek sometimes embracing the comma more than the multi-hyphenate. If the Search Bots are satisfied, I have done my due diligence and we can get on to the ‘Mania!


Hello There!

Pleased to meet you, and I am sure I wish you well (as the song goes)…

My name is Zalman Berkowitz, and you may call me Zal. This then, is my ‘Mania 😉

This BlaHg is a bit raw and unfinished at times, representing my freshest puzzles, explorations, conundrums and general meanderings through this unfolding mystery as I share the abundance of an art filled life.

I am privileged to experience many beautiful things, and compelled to share them. I get a kick out of symbols and words with multiple meanings, maybe because I like the freedom to choose my own interpretations. Who knows? No doubt it does not matter. Choose your own adventure? Heck yes my lovelies.

Qualifications? Sure. Endless. I have lived a little in Big Cities and on Small Islands, in rainforests and deserts. I have had more than 100,000 conversations about food and wine thus far. Sure I think I know some things, and yeah I am still surprised with fresh connections as beauty bubbles up through cracks in concrete notions.

Join me will you? Let’s explore where our perceptions can take us, lettuce sea what magic has in store for us!



“… it is less clear when a piece of [Art] makes any truly stunning difference. But that doesn’t matter. Some need art to give their lives meaning, while others just need to keep making it because it seems there is nothing else to do. “

▪‘Survival of the Beautiful’ –David Rothenberg


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