zalMania codeX Dissipative Structures

Zalman Berkowitz original oil on canvas painting of “Dissipative Structures 1-4” will be on view at Shoreline City Hall (4th Floor) until 2015. City Hall is open to the public, here is a link:

And for those with slower connection speeds, locations, etc. Here are a few slides of the paintings themselves…

DS4- being


DS3- purpose


DS2- work


DS1- "struggle"  began on 9/11/01


Dissipative Structures 1-4 (quadtych) 2001-2002, oil on canvas


Limited Editions are available, as well as the original works. Here is a link to get the “GOODS”:

Enjoy the most lovely of days, anticipate magical experiences as we continue to explore connection.




Holler Back, share your world; looking forward!

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