Art is Extra and Unnecessary

Ah, we are such a silly culture sometimes.

We seem to treat Art as some frivolity when it comes to funding (as in Education or Construction budgets, as example).

Sure, Art is extra… like eating nutritious food and having a healthy functioning body is extra.

Just try to imagine your life without Art. Wake up in a cramped, dull space, eat some kind of pasty nutritive substance and push your grey dreary self through… what? A bunch of functions without passion or purpose… No thanks, right?

Art is that word we ascribe to those functions and activities we do with passion and purpose, and sometimes the objects or ‘artifacts’ that result from those activities. ART is a word that describes the highest aspirations and manifestations of any Human Culture, and all Human Activities. We raise the level of our work to an “ART” or we demonstrate our Artistry when we achieve a peculiar balance of grace, movement and self expression.

Art is undefinable, sure, that’s kind of what we love about it. The activity of Art making is really at the root of human existence. Yeah, I really just wrote that. Far as I can tell, the purpose of Life is to express itself. Kind of hard to argue with, true?

How about You, Blogosphere?

What do you think of all of this… Share your opinions, I’m curious!




One thought on “Art is Extra and Unnecessary

  1. If life is to be enjoyed, then art is indispensable.

    If the beauty of nature is unquestioned, imagine a world without it.

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