Sacred Geometry Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Tree of Life
Fruit of Life, underpainting
Fruit of Life, underpainting

Okay fine,

Sacred geometry is not a new subject, by any stretch of the imagination. There are countless Sages over countless thousands of years that have played with these shapes. One could spend an entire lifetime with this pattern, and many have. What can I say, I am struck.

Of course it looks familiar, right? I mean, if we are Consciousness, which evolved from a singularity call it God or Big Bang… then of course we would remember what we did, right?

There is a great way to phrase this story, so I will just let them do it and get on with my funky self:

SO what? Who cares, and how is it useful?

Hey, Life is full of changes for all of us. We may or may not be in a zone where we lose people we love or are affected by Drought, War, Revolution, Asteroid (yup that happened), Tsunami, Earthquake or the intensity of our own emotions… at least not all of the time! In those challenging times, I find it useful to remember that there is some organizational structure to life, to the universe. It is as if we have a plan for ourselves and we get to explore that as it all unfolds.

I imagine the Tree of Life as a roadmap.

Now, of course, the Map is not the Territory, right? We still get lost sometimes, even with a Roadmap…

[Can you Hear me now, SIRI? Sit SIRI, Sit. Good Machine.]

That is just pART of our process, perhaps. I for one find comfort in knowing there is a Map somewhere, so when I get bored with being lost, I can find my way.

And with that, Dear reader…

Good evening.

All good things,