zalGOODS and art from Zalman Berkowitz

Ahoy thar!

Thank you all so much for your love and support! So much encouragement, I feel truly blessed.

The feedback from the work continues to open new doors within my understanding of art, and my capacity to nourish myself and others.

Here is the latest from the Land of zalMania:

Apocalypse Series on
Apocalypse Series on

Here is a direct link to the zalGOODS product page:

Each original painting begins with a structural design. This under-painting is then covered with successive layers of gestural, decorative painting. The armatures of the design underneath are protected with torn strips of tape. When you receive the painting, you may choose to “reveal” the underpainting all at once, or in stages, or not at all… each choice affects what the image will look like, so the patron/collector becomes an active participant in the creation of the Art. My thought is that only YOU know when and how you wish to reveal the deeper layers of your own Great Work.

Deep, right? I was gonna call it the “Tom Sawyer Series” until Greater Minds than mine prevailed… Fun though! Options are 9×9 canvas or 6×6 panel, commissions as always accepted with gratitude…


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Gallery [context] Salon Anon Anon
Gallery [context] Salon Anon Anon

We are gearing up for our 2013 season, offering four exhibitions, the “3rd Thursday” monthly Salon Anon Anon and several fresh opportunities as a result of your feedback as YAWL share what it is you desire from the Gallery [context]. Website will be updated with fresh calls for Art and the 2013 Season on Monday, {{{{{{{{{{{{{{stay tuned}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}.


Also, a small feature on Turning Art this week. If you are new to the Turning ART concept, check it out! I find it an innovative and inexpensive way to engage with a variety of original artworks. Here is a link, with more info (and you may find them on FB as well!):


With Love and my deepest Gratitude,