Fresh Paint “luminous beings…” Zalman Berkowitz

“luminous beings…” 18×24 acrylic on panel 2012 Zalman Berkowitz

Fresh Paint!

ah, I love this time, when the passed months’ paintings start rolling out.

So, the images/icons/ideas of Bruce Lee, and then O’ Sensei led me on to Yoda.

What is it about us, about our humanity that tells and re-tells the same stories? Maybe it is because it is our Collective story, our light and dark, challenges/obstacles and how we negotiate change that is of the most concern to us. We are each working through our individual explorations in life, and yet there are some themes we can relate too. That for me is the purpose of myth, of symbol: to create commonality of expression, to build consensus around our senses. You know, to find comfort in the fact that we are not the only One in this Human race. Hey, I was here, I Felt This Way. Makes some sense of this purposive journey towards Death and other inevitable changes.

whew. That was deep.

Link to the zG yoda post here

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle. I trust that Beauty finds you where you Be as well.



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Holler Back, share your world; looking forward!

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