focus. determination. window. [zalMania codeX]





An earlier composition. The largest frame I had ordered from this great custom stretcher bar guy… Largest canvas at that point (and a size I still work with!), the first involved piece out of the Atelier. About 140 separate color mixes. Armature is a hyper-solid box within-a-box… spheres floating in front of a portal of unification (or words to that effect)…

This painting was much about neutrals and local color and the visual sensation I get when I look at complementary opposites, vividness and depth… And to imagine it all moving into itself, constantly, like a portal… A window in to another world… I love windows. I walk a lot and sometimes with the blue deep of evening and the warmth pouring yellow light laughter and love out to the street… There’s something about that….

Determination. Sometimes the desire to see a result or picture is so bright that it can outshine everything else in our experience. So it was with this one. I was very interested in how to make colors vivid and learning that colors are very much about contrast. So the game became “how do you make a vivid neutral?” so lots of color mixing later… c’est voila!

And then this little flow from the dance floor, sunrise:


Right now, This Tree is special.

Right now people are high

Right now people are messed up

Right now people are in pain

Right  now people feel beautiful

Right now somewhere somebody got it right

This right now

People are connecting

We are one

One Hundred Percent


And accounted for.


Now relax

Now this

Imagined. Kiss

Ahhh dayenu.

It’s good to b here

In the light

As the light

The Source

Ah torus light bundle colorform ah gorgeous ripple pattern

Ah beautiful heart-throb


Happy hyphen, ah symbol ah reference ah role-play

Self and other over under

Carry-over. Carry-on.


rot row.



whop whop whop.

————————Until Next,

Be Well


In Touch.



Holler Back, share your world; looking forward!

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