Metaphors Be With You [the zalMania CodeX]: “Having : Wanting” 2011

“Having / Wanting: the power of love, the love of power”

Oil, Acrylic and Plastic Glow-in-the-Dark Star on Panel 2011.


like life is… ‘More about the power of love than the love of power…’
Each One of us chooses and lives our Point Of View:: to thine own Self be true.

Color Stew:

—- the underpainting is yellow orange and red: in truth(Y) we are a passionate(R) presence(O).

We Earthlings are born out of fire (the sun) and birthed from the primordial ocean… felt like a natural place to start, thanks Physics!

—-the background colors are violet(V)=(spirit(B) + passion(R)) and yellow green(YG) – which breaks down to Truth/Clarity(Y) and Spirit(B).

Perhaps one truth of Spirit is ‘new growth’? Sure…

For me, the pattern suggests striving or reaching towards… embracing energy and celebrating vitality… with a comfort, a sense of being held.

—- the pattern symbol—-
Triangular cut-outs shape an abstract pair of hands (top view), holding a white feather. (this came from a dream a friend (JZ) had…) Falling white feathers from the sky and frustrated grasping at them, the air from reaching towards pushes the feathers away. Calm center and recognizing that while I AM still, the feathers land in my hand… Then one day walking in the City, big strides on my way to Work… half a block ahead, 25 feet or so up, gentle breeze: white feather. I relax, breathe half smile and hold out my hand. Steady pace, same line. Drifting feather, left and right small flurries… Quite a travel! And yup, sure enough: On-Time to work. (feather in hand, Big Smile.)

—-Hearts and Swastikas…
::The left facing green swastika, an ancient symbol representing ‘Involution’ or the power within, or our connection to The BigNess (Cosmos) through ‘Consciousness’
::The Golden Sun-Cross, right facing swastika. Arguably the oldest symbol for The HugeNess, it’s a symbolic reference for the Sun, the fuel for Life as we know IT. Also ‘external power’ (the sun-cross is adapted to a right-facing swastika, symbolizing the outer manifestation of power)
::Central Heart- where love is the bridge between internal and external realities… An expression of unification. When inside and outside blend… One Love.
:: radiant Heart-from the experience of Love (central heart), the union of opposites explodes out into the physical world, creating all that is.

The hands are shaped in the ‘Earth Mudra’…

Here is a link to a great story, a fable, a rich metaphor:

Triumph over illusion and the covenant of Earth and becoming Human. Pretty awesome. So one hand holds center and the other touches the earth. Our fundamental right to be here, to be human.

—blue star. It’s moveable! perfect for shifting focus… plus its glow-in-the-dark.

Paradox is seriously silly.

For reals.