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Zalmania Update

(a.k.a. dang its hot!)

And the ‘mania Fire Sale)

Hey there.

Well, its hot in Seattle.

Hottest temperature recorded in Seattle (ever?!) and we smashed 100 (it was 106 up here on the North End!)

Its Hot, check out the

‘mania Fire Sale:

25% price break!!

details on 7.

So, being both indoors and awake, there is time to catch up: here’s “the Haps” in the land of ‘mania:

  1. I have been asked to contribute to a book.

It is called “Best of America: Oil Painters Vol. 2” two page spread, full color. I am kinda tickled. I will let y’all know when its out. Here’s a link, with lots of great American painting, including a local favorite of mine, (former “Microsoftee”) Craig Kosak:

2. Just started working with Marni Muir, the Gallerist/Art Rep.

I am excited about the skills and enthusiasm Marni and her team bring to the ‘mania. With a solid arts background and decades of experience as an Arts Dealer as well as an Interior Decorator, Marni is innovative with leasing and staging programs, making it much easier to create an emotional relationship with a work of art before you commit, so you are sure to find something you love greatly. Ah, more good people. If you haven’t caught up with Marni yet, please do! She’s a firecracker!

3. The very last (?) of The Oracle Gatherings: The Fountain.

Curator and awesome Visionary Artist Michael Brinker of “Prolifik Ink” or check out ) has put together an impressive international roster of Visionary Artists. Check it out here:

I am honored to be included, Big Thanks Michael!

4. J. Rankin Jewelers

It was a pleasure recently to hang many fresh paintings at Meg and John Rankin’s lovely digs in Edmonds. John’s many years of experience in the diamond trade as well as his interest in sourcing unique and beautiful settings, rare stones and extraordinary, elegant designs make it a pleasure to visit this connoisseur’s more than a decade old family business recently relocated to Edmonds, WA.

The ‘Mania will be up until the third week in August, and I will continue updating the show with fresh paint as I churn them out. This particular show features many “interchangeable diptychs” including “Cala” and “9pc. Nugget”. They are my version of the “anti-ennui” or, “those paintings that are designed to change their orientation”. Ah yes, variety and the spice of Life.

5. “On the Verge”

This will be an awesome group show with 17 award-winning graduates of the Artist Trust “Edge Program”

(more on the Edge here: )

and features artists working in a variety of media (painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelry and basketry) all of them coming into their own and becoming known. What a great opportunity for discovery, and a fun way to support local arts (at excellent prices!). “On the Verge” will be at the Collective Visions Gallery

The opening is on Sept. 4th from 5-9pm and the show runs from Sept. 1-26. See you then!

6. “On the Verge 2”

yeah, it’s a working title, ha! The point is the show continues and changes, yay! The second show will feature the same dedicated Artists, with new work in a new venue!

Look for us in Tacoma at the UW Tacoma Gallery from Nov. 19th until Jan. 19th, 2010. Whew. That’s some excitement. Thanks for reading this far, sheez!

7. The ‘Mania Fire Sale:

Yup, the ‘Mania continues. It is true, I have too much paint and I need some room in the studio. It’s a health hazard, really. They could catch fire. These Paintings need a safe wall to rest on

So the Fire Sale continues:

25% discount for sales/commitments made in July

and I am extending an

18% discount for sales/commitments made in the month of August.

This includes all of the work I do: Giclee reproductions, any size on paper or canvas, limited editions, original works in oil on canvas, commissions, and my Interior/Exterior Residential Painting Services.

for Original Works in oil on canvas and Commissions contact Marni Muir:

Or contact me directly via email:

Thank you for your attention and support

I feel honored to share the bounty of this artful life, truly.

Peace on Earth.

Goodwill to all.