feelin this today:

Okubo Doko is said to have remarked:

Everyone says that no masters of the arts will appear as the world comes to an end. This is something that I cannot claim to understand. Plants such as peonies, azaleas and camellias will be able to produce beautiful flowers, end of the world or not. If men would give some thought to this fact, they would understand. And if people took notice of the masters of even these times, they would be able to say that there are masters in the various arts. But people become imbued with the idea that the world has come to an end and no longer put forth any effort. This is a shame. There is no fault in the times.

From “Hagakure”, the book of the Samurai… Thanks Yamamoto Tsunetomo!


One thought on “feelin this today:

  1. is no masters of the art, the master itSELF? who/what THEN will appear at the END?

    should we not rejoice and celebrate the peonies, azaleas, and camelias for the beauty TODAY that WE CAN? because after the world comes to an END, who will THEN be there to make such claim?

    i have many more questions to ask the wise author of this little black Samurai book that i have answers to. all i know is a little wise teaching that illustrates what to do with those heads that claim small height useless… aw, it is YOUR head under my feet, i find such useful stature.

    Gracias por compartir.

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