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Economic Crisis and Creativity:


Entreprenuerial Philanthropy as an Emergent Economy :: 

Economic Crisis is a popular meme (a self-replicating idea) propagating throughout our collective commercial landscape right now. There are other ideas, though. Its not all “Crisis”. There is a bubbling up, under the surface of things, a rise in collaboration, a feeling that we can reinvent our economic structures and energy consumption to reflect our current understanding. It has been labeled a “greening” of economy, but perhaps its more than that. Maybe we are demonstrating what we have learned about each other. Now that we understand that we are all inter-connected, it comes down to systems and how we feel about giving and receiving. And now, perhaps we will re-imagine how to move our goods and services around, or we have a “Crisis”. Maybe there is no choice if you can’t imagine one. C’mon tho’, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, right?

There has been a rise in ‘gifting economies’ or put another way ‘collaboration’ or simply ‘sharing’ as a direct result of technology enabling greater communication.  It is refreshing to hear so many positive voices, so much talk about community! Let’s celebrate those ideas, eh? Tell us more about the positive changes that are happening, seek to unify a populace instead of controlling it with fear. The key is understanding that when we act as a self-organizing system, with sharing and transparent collaboration, we present a stronger, more resilient organizational model. so of course, eventually, that is going to win (if we survive). The question now could be, IS: what the heck do you want to make? pick something cool, and really really difficult. help each other organize around that which matters most (to each of us). In helping each other, we help our mutual humanity. one might call that philanthropic.

Do you also feel the rise in understanding, that renaissance of entrepreneurial spirit, along with our American Spirit, the sense that we can innovate our approach and find creative solutions.  Imagination is part of our heritage (and its free, intrinsic to the human experience). So how does the American Spirit of Ingenuity rise to the challenge of shifting economies? We adapt and innovate our challenges until they are successful. Surprisingly, we have changed our collective ‘mind’ and the criteria for success has changed along with it. Now our interests are involved with notions of sustainability, of community, of mutual benefit.

We first imagined how this could be different.

We imagine ourselves free.

Free to create the world we want to live in.

That’s a powerful idea. Here are some other fun/powerful ideas:


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Commodity Exchange=Law of Scarcity (also Tree of Knowledge, but now I am being Poetic) so of course “no matter how much you have, it’s never enough”!

Gift Exchange=Law of Abundance (also related to the Tree of Life, still poetic) and the natural tendency of people that feel like they have enough? It is to share, which increases our feelings of mutual accord.

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